Shopping For Your Next Marble Coffee Table? Check Out This Modern Coffee Table Buying Guide

Shopping For Your Next Marble Coffee Table? Check Out This Modern Coffee Table Buying Guide

Whether you are setting up your first home or upgrading your furniture, it is important to choose the right coffee table for your living room. There are so many shapes, styles and types to choose from for your home, searching for the right coffee table may become a bit overwhelming. Do you want a modern coffee table? Are you looking for a wooden, glass or marble coffee table? You may need a little help choosing the best coffee table for your living room.

The following guide can help you choose a coffee table that fits the living room design you have in mind.

Reasons To Consult A Coffee Table Buyer's Guide

There are several reasons to consult a buyer's guide when shopping for a coffee table or other pieces of furniture.

1. A buyer's guide can steer you in the right direction with tips and reminders. For example, a good buyer's guide reminds you to measure your space to ensure your new coffee table fits in your living room.

2. You can use a buyer's guide to learn the various styles, finishes and types of coffee tables. This helps you narrow down your search to your wants and needs. You may decide you want a round marble table or wooden console table.

3. A buyer's guide is also a great way to determine the right coffee table for your living room. You can usually find pictures to give you an idea of which tables work for your interior design.

So without further ado, it is time to check out our coffee table buyer's guide.

Arnav Coffee Table
Measure Your Living Room and Main Pieces

Now, before you start shopping for a coffee table, you need to measure your living room. It would be a shame to purchase a coffee table that does not fit in your space. By taking measurements first, you can narrow down your search to the tables you know are going to fit in your living room.

You also need to measure your couch to ensure you have enough space to sit and reach the table comfortably. To ensure you have the correct proportion, your coffee table should be about two-thirds of the length of your couch. One idea is to leave 12-inches to 18-inches of space between the edge of your couch and your coffee table.

As for your television stand, entertainment center or fireplace, there should be at least 24-inches to 30-inches of space around these pieces. One way to determine the right size for your coffee table is to measure the distance between your couch and television or fireplace, and then subtract 42-inches from the distance.
Consider Your Interior Design

You also need to consider the interior design of your living room. This way, you can avoid choosing a coffee table that clashes with the rest of your design.

A marble coffee table can be placed in an elegant or chic-style living room, while a modern coffee table works in a modern, rustic or industrial-style living room.

Believe it or not, the coffee table you choose can make or break the interior design of your living room.
Side and Coffee Tables
Types of Coffee Tables

Now, here comes the fun part of our buyer's guide: learning the various coffee tables. Let's start with the different types of coffee tables.

1. Simple Tabletop: You can choose a coffee table with a simple but beautiful tabletop to display certain items, from a serving tray to the remote control.
Nuevo Aurora Coffee Table - HGNA292
2. Storage: If you are looking for an advanced coffee table, consider a piece with built-in storage, such as a single shelf or drawer.
Inspire - Jaydo - 301-137NT
3. Lift-Top: A lift-top is an interesting piece that allows you to hide items such as reading material and chargers. To access the storage area, all you have to do is lift the moveable piece of the tabletop.
Inspire - Ojas - 301-513NT
4. Nesting: A set of nesting coffee tables is perfect for those who find themselves needing a little extra table or floor space. The coffee tables come in several sizes, so you can easily slide the tables that are not being used under one another.

Note: You can also use the nesting tables as a coffee table and end tables.
Inspire - Darsh - 303-403WGY

Shapes and Styles of Coffee Tables

Coffee tables also come in a range of shapes and styles, which makes it easier to find a coffee table that fits your interior design.

1. Square: A square coffee table is common in many households, and they come in a range of styles, from a rustic to a modern coffee table.
Nuevo - Jonas - HGYU187
2. Rectangle: A rectangle coffee table is probably the most common shape found in households. They come in styles ranging from glass with a built-in shelf to a lift-top table.
Nuevo Tierra HGNA511
3. Round: Eliminate the corners with a round coffee table, which comes in styles such as a distressed wood or marble coffee table.
Nuevo Rosa HGTA229
4. Oval: If you need a little more table space in your living room, consider an oval coffee table made of wood veneer or brushed stainless steel for both style and function.
Nuevo - Gaultier - HGSX552
5. Freeform: Your living room is sure to stand out with a freeform table. Freeform coffee tables come in unusual shapes and styles to add more fun to your space.
Inspire - Anika - 301-557NT
The shape and style you choose for your coffee table depend on the size of your living room.

Sizes of Coffee Tables

Once you measure the size of your living room, it is easier to determine the right size coffee table for your space.

1. Small: A small coffee table is usually less than 24-inches, and it is ideal for dorms, apartments and small homes.

2. Medium: Measuring from 24-inches to 36-inches, a medium-size coffee table is a good choice when you have more space in your living room.

3. Large: A large coffee table measures at 36-inches to 48-inches, and it is a great choice for larger spaces, such as a living room or family room.

4. Extra Large: If you have a lot of space to work with inside your living room, you may want an extra-large coffee table, which is larger than 48-inches.
Mobita - Skip
Best Coffee Table Materials and Finishes

You can choose from a range of materials and finishes for your coffee table. Here are a few examples of the materials and finishes.

1. Marble Coffee Table:
Nuevo - Claudio - HGNA589
2. Glass Coffee Table:
Nuevo - Corel - HGTB405
3. Wooden Modern Coffee Table:
Inspire - Nila Coffee Table - 301-329NAT
4. Brushed Stainless-Steel Coffee Table:
Nuevo Amici Square Coffee Table
5. Aluminium Coffee Table:
Mobital - Duverre - WCODUVEMBRASMOK

Choose The Perfect Modern Coffee Table For Your Living Room
You can find a wide range of beautiful pieces for your living room, from a wooden to marble coffee table. All you need to do is keep the tips and other information from this buyer's guide in mind. For more information, please contact us

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